Registration Information


Entry Fee: The $250 entry fee includes entry, course maps, narrative directions, drop bag service, bus service, shuttle van service, aid station services, award eligibility, a commemorative shirt, a post-race buffet dinner, and final race results. The maps, course directions and final race results are available on this website. PLEASE NOTE that once the lottery has been held and a runner has been accepted into the race there are no refunds on the entry fee.


Deadlines: Applications for entry are accepted based on the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurace Run Selection Process. Verification of your 8 hours of trail work must be emailed and received by the August trail work deadline listed on the home page of our website and on your trail work report form. Scan or take a picture of your completed form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will receive an automated message by email that will confirm receipt of your form. If you have any problems please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Trail work forms will not be accepted by regular mail. About 5 days after you have submitted your form please check the runner list on our website to see if a YES has been entered in the Trail Work column after your name. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST WEEK OR TWO OF SUMMER TO SCHEDULE OR PERFORM YOUR TRAIL WORK. YOU MAY MISS THE DEADLINE AND NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN. Failure to complete your trail work on time will result in cancellation of your entry. PLEASE NOTE that we do not accept volunteering for another race as satisfying our trail work requirement nor do we accept trail work performed for entry into another race.


Limited Entry: Due to limited access on the trail, entries for the Wasatch Front 100 are limited. We start approximately 280-330 runners each year. There is no wait list and the online application process will not be available after the close of the application period.


Pre-Race Meeting: A mandatory pre-race trail briefing for runners and their crews will be conducted at 4:00 PM at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City on Thursday, the day before the race. Please check the side menu of the website for details and a map showing the location. Runners must check in and race packets including the race number and t-shirts can be picked up starting at noon. Questions regarding the course will be answered and final instructions will be given at this time. Runners should have their drop bags completely prepared, marked, and ready for pick-up at Sugarhouse Park prior to the start of the 4:00 runners meeting.


Drop/Supply Bags: Drop bags will be transported to seven of the major aid stations in the race as well as the finish line. Runners wishing to make use of this service must make sure that their bags are securely tied and clearly marked. We do not accept hard sided containers for drop bag use. Please make sure that all drop bags will fit into a 10"x10"x20" box. 


Drop Bag Aid Stations
1) Bountiful B - 16.41 Miles
2) Big Mountain Pass - 31.66 miles
3) Lambs Canyon - 45.07 miles
4) Upper Big Water - 53.54 miles
5) Brighton Lodge - 67.03 miles
6) Pole Line Pass - 74.72 miles
7) Staton - 89.27 miles

8) FINISH LINE - 99.42 miles


Race Director: The race director for the Wasatch Front 100 is:

John Grobben

1344 South 800 East, Suite 202
Orem, Utah 84097


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