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Many many thanks to Phil Lowry and Christian Johnson for preparing and plotting maps of the Wasatch 100 race course from Kaysville to the finish at Soldier Hollow in Midway.


Many thanks also to Obed LeDuc who created an interactive map of the course. On the top menu under Course Information you will find a link to an Interactive Course Map Tool. I do not want to editorialize too much but this is really cool and you can use it to create a GPX file for whatever section of the race you want....or for the entire route for that matter. Just click the starting and ending points you would like and click the Download GPX Data button. 


Regarding creating your own GPX file - if you choose to create one for the full course from the interactive map tool you will end up with a fairly large file. On some devices this file may run a bit slowly. Chris Lewis (thank you Chris) has provided us with a full course GPX file that uses fewer reference points and as such is smaller and will run more quickly. The link to that file is at the bottom of this page.


 Full Course Overview 

All Course 8x11 Section Maps In One File 


Start to Grobben's Shed Water Station (mile 0 -1 1) 

Grobben's Shed Water Station to Bountiful B (mile 11 - 16.41) 

Bountiful B to Sessions Lift Off (mile 16.41 - 20.66)

Sessions Lift Off to Swallow Rocks (mile 20.66 - 27.21)

 Swallow Rocks to Big Mountain (mile 27.21 - 31.66)

Big Mountain to Alexander Ridge (mile 31.66 - 39.49)

Alexander Ridge to Lambs Canyon (mile 39.49 - 45.07) 

Lambs Canyon to Upper Big Water (mile 45.07 - 53.54) 

Upper Big Water to Desolation Lake (mile 53.54 - 58.43) 

Desolation Lake to Scott Peak (mile 58.43 - 62.34)

Scotts Peak to Brighton (mile 62.34 - 67.03)

Brighton to Ant Knolls (mile 67.03 - 71.54)

Ant Knolls to Pole Line Pass (mile 71.54 - 74.72)

Pole Line Pass to Rock Springs Water Stop to Pot Hollow (mile 74.72 - 78.70 - 84.54)

 Pot Hollow to Staton (mile 84.54 - 89.27)

Staton to Decker Canyon (89.27 - 93.58)

Decker Canyon to Soldier Hollow Finish (93.58 - 99.42


Full Course Terrain (large file) 

Full Course Topo (very large file) 


The link to the reduced size full course GPX file follows this paragraph. PLEASE NOTE that if you click the link to the file it will open a new window and display the contents of the file. TO DOWNLOAD the file please right click (control-click if you have a MAC) the link and click "Save link as..." That will allow you to download the actual file to your computer.

Full Course GPX File 



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