Forest Service trail work projects in the Salt Lake Ranger District will continue to be handled through the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation. Runners should call the CCF directly to sign up for trail work. You can contact them at (801) 466-6411 or send email to:


Please do not call the Forest Service unless you are not in the Salt Lake Ranger District. If you are not doing your trail work in the Salt Lake area, you will need to call the Forest Service office in your area directly. If Forest Service work is not available to you other trail work projects (e.g. State or your local City Parks) can be substituted with permission from the Wasatch 100 Race Committee. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST WEEK OR TWO TO DO YOUR TRAIL WORK!  NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN!!!

NOTE: CCF already has three dates set up specifically for 2014 runner trail work - June 14, July 3, July 31. There is also a trail work project available on July 19th - see link below. You may be able to arrange other dates if these are not workable for you.

Specifics For A July 19th Trail Work Opportunity





The following suggestions can help improve your productivity during volunteer projects. Weather conditions are unpredictable and can change quickly during your work project, also the type of hand tools used require appropriate clothing and some personal items that will enhance your safety and comfort.

Required: Long pants, Boots (light weight hiking boots with good support and traction), leather work gloves (please no cloth gardening gloves), 2 liters of water per volunteer (please limit soda and sports drinks), light lunch and snacks, Day pack.

Suggested: Extra Tee shirt, rain gear, sunglasses, water, and a full brim hat to keep the sun off your head. Group leaders please include a First Aid kit, emergency space blanket, spare work gloves, toilet items, and sunscreen.

An important part of any outdoor experience is being prepared. All volunteers are required to wear long pants, and boots and gloves to allow for safe and a more comfortable, productive work experience. Personal items such as extra clothes, water, and food will need to be carried in a day pack leaving hands free to carry tools to the project site. Safety during your volunteer project is our first priority.


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