Trail Maps


Many many thanks to Phil Lowry and Christian Johnson for preparing and plotting maps of the Wasatch 100 race course from Kaysville to the finish at Soldier Hollow in Midway. Please note that these are initial 2016 maps and that Christian is working on creating the final maps. They will be posted as soon as they are ready.


Many thanks also to Obed LeDuc who ran the Wasatch for the first time last year and finished. Below the map segments you will find a link to an interactive Wasatch course map tool he created. I do not want to editorialize too much but this is really should check it out!!!!




 Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6

Segment 7

Segment 8

Segment 8 Addendum 



Interactive Course Map Tool


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